Katrina's Disney College Program
  1. Year One.

    Today marks my 1 year anniversary working for Disney!

    I moved into Chatham Square May 20th and began a journey that has changed my life forever. During my program I was lucky enough to have some amazing roommates one of which became my best friend, enjoy a short lived romance, and make many lasting friendships with fellow CP’s who went through all the heartache of being an intern just like I did. Not everything about my program was glamorous, but I appreciate the downs just as much as the ups. I never imagined then that working for Disney would take me half way across the world to work in another Disney Park, but happily fate took the reigns and here I am in Tokyo Disneyland. I am so lucky I have such a supportive family who has helped me transition two major moves in one year, and is willing to support my next move after this contract where ever that may be.

    Working for this company has changed my perception of people by showing me that a smile and a story can impact not only someones day but their life. I am very grateful that I get to be a part of that storytelling in the parks. I think the most important thing I have learned is that any dream is possible, and wished do come true, you can reach the stars if you just believe! …. yes I did just quote castle show, its my favorite! More importantly I have to  thank the characters I have been able to spend time with because they bring me just as much- if not more joy as they bring the guests, So here is to you King Louie, Mr.Penguin, Rapunzel, Jessie, Mr.Smee, Cinderella, Ariel, Mrs.Incredible, and Belle. I can’t wait to see where I end up next year!! I might still be in Asia, back in the States, or on a cruise ship, but where ever I’ll be I know I will be happy because I am doing what I love. :) 

  2. It's the age of technology!


    Good morning from Tokyo my beautiful followers! first off I just want to say a quick thank you to all of the super sweet messages you have all sent recently, they really mean a lot! It’s nice to have some words of encouragement and support while I am so far away from home. thanks <3

    Today I just…

  3. ur ask box doesn't seem to be working it just has a like and reblog button (it's accessible from my phone tho just wanted to let u know)

    I’m so sorry! Ill try to have it fixed and up n’ running soon! but for right now you can always use my ASK.fm :) 


  4. But the thing is that Disney World doesn't require that you have any performing experience, especially if you have a face they like. I know plenty of performers who either just have the right face or are just good at animating big. They had no experience (therefore, no performing resume) but they got the job anyway.

    Yes. You are 100% correct. I’m not saying you have to bring one, or that it is in anyway required, and like you said you wont need it 99% of the time. But they asked me for mine at my first audition, because they considered me for other contracts within entertainment, and I had to email it to them because I didn’t bring mine. If I didn’t have a headshot and resume its not like they wouldn’t consider me for other roles, because like you said if they like you they like you! But if you have a headshot and resume, I would personally bring it just in case. But it’s totally up to you! It’s a personal judgement call. 

  5. to people who are asking-- don't bring a headshot and resume to a regular disney character performer audition! they will explicitly tell you that it will just sit in a drawer and never get looked at. if you're going for an equity role, bring it. otherwise, it's a waste of paper.

    good point.. But I would always keep it in your audition bag ready to go, just don’t turn it in unless they ask for it. For example, they might not ask for it for the regular audition, BUT if they think you would be a good fit on Cruise Line or for a contract in other divisions of entertainment they will ask for it then. Having it handy is a lot more professional then having to email it to them later. 

    Thanks for the reminder Anon! Always be sure to read the auditions website before you go to an audition :) 

  6. How was your schedule as a character performer? How much do they make? Did you get to have free days? If I get to be a character performer can I still take a class?

    Your schedule varies depending on the person, and their status (full time, CP, part time…) You can look on the Disney Auditions website for details about payment. You do get days off in the week… however that varies depending on time of year and the friends you hangout with. Yes you can still take a class, scheduling will always make sure you are off for your class :) 

  7. What does a dcp who got accepted have to take to the auditions? Do we need to apply online and where would we find that?

    All you have to do is show up at the audition! It is also good to tell your phone interviewer that you are planning to attend the audition :) Bring a headshot and resume like you would to any audition! but thats about it. You should check out the Disney Auditions website.

  8. Disney audition tip #3


    Get there early and be prepared. Pretty simple, and strait forward. It will put your mind at ease if you have your head-shot and resume ready to hand into casting. Also the earlier you get there the faster your audition can be over with and your nerves put to rest…..potentially ;) it’s important…

    My third audition tip! Hope you all enjoy, sporty I posted it on the wrong blog again.

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  10. Disney audition tip #2


    This is more on the lines of advice and not a tip, but here goes. Confidence is key. Not cocky, confident. Just know that only casting knows what they are looking for, so don’t waste your time looking around the audition space getting discouraged because of the “competition.” Be confident in you…

    Whoops posted this tip on the wrong blog! here yall go, Disney Audition Tip #2

  11. who will ur new friends be at tokyo?

    I will be hanging out with Cinderella, Ariel, and belle. I can’t wait to actually get over there and meet them!

  12. disneylens:

    The College Program is not for everyone, and that’s ok.  Recognize if it would be a good thing or not for you before you go, please.

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  13. DCP tip #3

    You will have months or maybe even over a year to spend at the parks while you are on your college program. However if you catch your self saying, “I don’t have to do that ride/show/park right now, I have loads of time, ill just do it later” or anything else along those lines, chances are you will never do them. Don’t procrastinate, take advantage of your opportunity! I did so much during my 9 month CP and I still didn’t get to see all the things I wanted because I kept saying I would have time to do it later. 

    As always feel free to ask me anything in my ask box or on my ASK.FM, which ever is easier for you :D I have answered hundreds of questions already and I would love to help you with yours!

  14. Q&A

    one of the questions people ask me most is what foundation I use for work, I think I might have answered this question a hundred times already but I figured I would post it so I wouldn’t have to keep saying it haha! 

    I use Clarins foundation for work. Clarins is an American makeup company and I really like the product. Its full coverage but light on your skin, and it doesn’t have a harsh smell. I also Use Givenchy foundation when I can afford it. It’s the best hands down!

    now you know!

  15. DCP tip #2

    During you CP you will be spending most of your time at the parks, inevitably you will get hungry, but before you go and buy all the expensive park food you see here is a helpful tip for you! 

    Disney World has many hotels with KILLER restaurants inside of them. As a cast member you get a discount for sit down restaurants on property, but not for quick service locations. My advice to you is that you should try your best to NOT eat in the parks all the time, so that you can save your money and experience some of the best restaurants the hotels and resorts have to offer. My roommate and I LOVED eating at the hotels, because the food and the atmosphere is great. However there are some restaurants inside the parks that are full service (sit down) that are amazing too, for example 50’s Prime Time and Si-Fi Diner in Hollywood Studios, or my particular favorite the quick service lunch at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. My favorite sit down hotel restaurant was The Grand Cafe, inside the Grand Floridian. 

    I hope you all find this tip useful! Let me know what question you all want answered next :D You can also use my ASK.fm if you would rather reach me that way, thanks!